What’s In a Name?

Did you know, there is a story behind each of the names we’ve chosen for our fragrances?  Every step of the SARAHKELLY process is thought about, prayed over and intentional.  Here is one of our best-selling fragrances and the “why” behind the name:

In The Garden

Notes: A sheer white floral type with top notes of fresh citrus, middle notes of jasmine, rose and violet, with a musky base note. Soft and delicate beautiful fragrance.

Kelly’s Thoughts: Growing up, my Nana’s garden was a place of whimsy and beauty. We would walk among the towering rose bushes and I would watch as Nana would clip and prune to both keep the bush healthy and, also, to cause the bush to grow larger each season. Of course, she would ask me which one I wanted to pick for the arrangement on the table and I would just smile and point to the right. There along the garden outskirts, creating a retaining walls of sorts, were rows and rows of peonies; white ones, lavender ones and mixes in-between. I was besieged by the beauty of the delicate petals and intoxicated by their smell. Peonies were my favorite. Together, we would pick the flowers we liked best – her, the roses, and me, the peonies – and assemble a sweet little arrangement to take inside and put on the table. Nana’s garden…a memory forever etched into my mind and heart.

When we received this fragrance, my eyes widened in delight as I was instantly transported back to my Nana’s garden. I just wanted to sit there and soak in the moment. Then, when we discussed what we should name this one, I knew instantly – In the Garden. Not only was the fragrance exactly like my Nana’s garden growing up, but it also happened to be one of her favorite hymns.

Let the sweet smell of In the Garden transport you back to a place in time where life was simple, love was found in the beauty of God’s creation, and precious memories with family members were born.

And He walks with me
And He talks with me
And He tells me I am his own
And the joy we share as we tarry there
None other has ever known…
~In The Garden

In loving memory of Doris “Nana”
Posted by Kelly

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