SARAHKELLY began when longtime friends, Sarah Dailey and Kelly Mance, were discussing the woes of dry skin during the winter.  “It would be so great if we could just make our own concoction that fixes this and we can stop buying all this stuff we end up not using!”….(LIGHTBULB!)  Years of trying other products had equipped SARAHKELLY with enough ideas and knowledge to be a little dangerous in the kitchen (literally, we make this stuff in the kitchen).  After conducting lots of research and several failed attempts to find “the one”, we created the perfect storm.  It’s a lotion.  It’s a solid.  It’s a solid lotion bar.  Hey, it’s TSA approved (…and we weren’t even trying for that! Double win!).

Surprisingly, people began asking to have our “leftovers” from sample batches we made.  Then we were invited to participate in a local vendor fair.  We shrugged, not quite sure what to make of this new development.  We knew what would happen if we said no (nothing), but, if we took a chance… then we could see what would happen.  Why not, we figured.   From that point we put on our business hats, designed our labels and product packaging, established price points and so on. We prepared for the event using ‘guesstimates’ of what we would need.  Lo and behold, when we took our wares to the vendor fair, we surprised everyone (including ourselves) when we SOLD OUT and had nearly 300 special orders to boot!  It seemed like folks liked our products!


After that amazing reception we endeavored to add to the product line: adding in a luxurious hydrating body butter, an organic cane sugar scrub and gift set options in each of our 8 signature scents. We have now branched out and have added limited edition items to our line and are working with brides and moms-to-be to help prepare customized favors their their big day.

Enough about us, don’t you think you should be shopping right now and finding your favorite items and scents?  Now, scoot.  See you at checkout!

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